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 The Oxycrew in action
The Oxycrew provides excellent protection in case of smoke or fire on board and enables the crew members to deal with the problem immediately
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The Oxycrew PBE of DAe Systems:
when every second counts

What Is the Oxycrew?


Description of the Oxycrew PBE

Advantages of the Oxycrew

Certification, Approvals and Training

What Is the Oxycrew?

The Oxycrew Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE) of DAe Systems protects crew members on board commercial aircraft in case of fire or smoke on ground or in the air.

The Oxycrew smokehoods are installed evenly throughout the entire cabin and can be used right away upon emergency. In fact, the donning of the Oxycrew takes only a few seconds, after which the smokehood is filled with chemically produced oxygen, purging it from the remaining smoke and providing the wearer with breathing air.

At the same time, the head, eyes, chest and respiratory system of the wearer are reliably protected against smoke, toxic gases, heat, flying sparks and melting plastic parts.

This is how the Oxycrew allows crew members to effectively take all necessary measures to extinguish an on-board fire or to evacuate the passengers immediately.

The Oxycrew PBE is used by more than 200 airlines worldwide and can be installed on any type of commercial aircraft, passenger or cargo. Please contact us and we will be glad to help you in determining the Oxycrew shipset configuration for your aircraft type.

If you are a Tu–154 operator, you are also welcome to contact the Vnukovo Aircraft Overhaul Plant (VARZ–400) in Moscow, Russia, which retrofits Tu–154 aircraft with the Oxycrew. Or if you wish, you can install Oxycrew smokehoods at your own facilities.


The Oxycrew is portable Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE) for crewmembers developed in accordance with the TSO C116 and SAE AS 8047 standards as well as with FAA Action Notice A 8150.2.

In accordance with the European OPS 1.780 and the American FAR 121.337 regulations, the availability of such Protective Breathing Equipment on board commercial aircraft with a maximum certificated take-off mass exceeding 5,700 kg or having a maximum approved seating configuration of more than 19 seats, or respectively, on board aircraft operated by commercial air carriers, is mandatory.

 The Oxycrew storage container
The Oxycrew storage container

Description of the Oxycrew PBE

The Oxycrew smokehood is a closed-loop breathing system, consisting of a heat protection hood, a mask with an integrated speech transmitter, a small chemical oxygen generator as well as a breathing bag connected to a cartridge which absorbs carbon dioxide and humidity and produces oxygen from potassium dioxide (KO2).

The Oxycrew is stored in a vacuum package inside a light-weight, rigid container supporting pre-flight visual checks of the serviceability of the unit (see picture at left). An installation bracket allows the fixation of the container at an appropriate location close to the exits, galleys and fire extinguishers on board the aircraft.

The Oxycrew usage duration is not fixed and depends on the wearer's workload (or the breathing intensity, respectively). In any case, including a scenario with maximum physical workload, the Oxycrew smokehood can be used for at least 20 minutes.

The guaranteed service life of the Oxycrew amounts to 10 years.

The Oxycrew PBE provides unparalleled protection to the wearer, which is reflected in the numerous advantages it offers over similar systems. Some of the greatest of these are:

  • since the Oxycrew is worn directly over the head, both hands are free and the body movements are not obstructed;
  • the Oxycrew provides complete protection against heat and dripping plastics by covering the head and chest of the wearer;
  • the hood is fixed to the head by self-adjusting head straps;
  • the Oxycrew has built-in anti-fog ventilation of the visor to provide 100% unobstructed view;
  • a slight overpressure inside the hood prevents smoke and toxic gases from entering it;
  • there is no torque to the head, since the PBE absorption cartridge is mounted in front of the chest;
  • the Oxycrew has a starter cartridge, which is activated immediately after starting the unit and supplies oxygen right away and independent of the wearer's respiration.

 Oxycrew PBE certificate
IAC Aviation Register certificate for the Oxycrew PBE
Click on the image to view the certificate in full size (A4-sized JPEG image)

Certification, Approvals and Training

The Oxycrew of DAe Systems has all necessary approvals and certificates, including such from the FAA, LBA, CAA as well as an Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) Aviation Register Appliance Design Approval (see left).

This certificate allows the installation of the Oxycrew into any airliner produced and operated in Russia and the CIS member states.

BASA Aviation can provide you with Oxycrew training units and training videos.

We will also be pleased to carry out Oxycrew training courses at your facilities on request.


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